Disclaimer: These are all links that give me some sort of kickback. I use each of these services personally. If you want to use them and help me out at the same time, cool. If not, no big deal.

Benefits both of us

  • Airbnb $40 discount for your first booking and $20 travel credit to me. Good deal.
  • Amazon $5 discount for you and me when you use the Amazon mobile app to make a purchase. Everyone buys from amazon. You probably have a smartphone. Why not make your next order on your phone and get a $5 discount?
  • LastPass One month of LastPass premium for both of us Basically the best password manager out there.
  • TOMS $20 discount for you and for me when you make your first purchase. Awesome shoes, awesome discount.
  • Zipcar $25 driving credit for you and me when you sign up for the car-sharing service. Zipcar helps me stay a one-car household.
  • Automatic 20% discount for you, $20 for me I use the automatic adapter in my car to log all my trips. The adapter is $100, so the link saves you $20, and credits $20 to me. There’s no ongoing service charge.
  • Dropbox an invaluable service for syncing files between computers. You get a bonus 500mb of space if you use this link (as do I)!
  • Hulu Plus We both get two free weeks of Hulu Plus, great for watching current TV on a mobile device or Roku/AppleTV/etc.
  • Buffer Allows you to schedule when your social media profiles post, and can also do some analytics. We both get an extra slot in our queue of posts to go out if you use my link.
  • Evernote The capture-everything notebook. I’ve been using this basically since it came out, I love keeping my recipes in it. We both get extra space per month to upload if you use this link.
  • Seamless An online food ordering service. We both get $7 off our next order if you use this link.
  • Foodler Another online food ordering service. We both get credit towards an order through their service (or other things too, like cashback or starbucks cards).
  • Zapier A service that can automate actions in one service based on another. Like IFTTT but on steroids. Still very easy to use. We both get extra tasks executed per month if you use my link.
  • pCloud online storage account, like Dropbox. We both get an extra gb of space if you use my link.

Benefits just me

  • Drop Use invite code 7q8iw to get into the drop app and earn 2% back at amazon, whole foods, trader joes, starbucks, target, macys, and many more retailers, details here
  • Bing Rewards I have a macro set up to run searches on this every day, gets me a $5 Amazon gift card about once a month. I get points towards my next redemption of an Amazon giftcard. Check out my scripts repo for an example. Update 10/2015: the desktop script will get you banned, but the mobile script is still useful. Switching to use bing for desktop searches for real isn’t so bad.
  • Personal Capital I get a $10 Amazon gift card if you use this. It does really good mint.com style stats/charts but with a focus on retirement/investment accounts. They make money by hoping that you’ll use them to do investing, but there’s no pressure to do that.
  • The Tie Bar This is a great place to get ties. I used it to get ties for my wedding, but I always enjoy getting their marketing emails and seeing the latest in their selection. I get $10 if you buy $25 worth of stuff through this link.
  • Namecheap I get 15% credit back on any DNS, hosting, or SSL purchase you make through them.
  • Groupon The deals site. You almost certainly have an account already. I get a $10 groupon gift card.
  • Trello I use this at work to help organize tasks, its super slick. I get silly add-ons like the ability to add stickers to my tasks.
  • Rocketmiles This site gives a good way to earn airline miles when booking hotels, gets me another 1000 miles into one of my accounts if you sign up through this link.

Programs I still need to get the details worked out on:

  • Amazon
  • Skype
  • Zenni Optical
  • Digital Ocean
  • VPS.net: http://www.vps.net/blog/2015/03/06/holla-dollar/