04 February 2009

As a graduation present, my family took a trip the the US Virgin Island of St. John.  The island is a green paradise, with beaches of sand so soft, you feel like you are walking on a tempurpedic pillow and waters of a clear turquoise that make for great viewing of the colorful reef fish.  Many thanks for these things go to Laurance Rockefeller who bought a large portion of the island (nearly 2/3rds) in 1956 and donated it to the US government to make it a national park.  Bill Clinton extended the protected lands by making much of the coast area a National Monument, meaning this tiny island is well protected from over development, although the marine life is still at risk from rising water temperatures (a spell of 87 degree water killed about a quarter of the coral near the island last year) and the local fishing rights granted to the island’s inhabitants.

All in all though, this island has many amazing views.  [gallery]