27 February 2009

Politico has an interview with him, reminds me of the Al Gore video that made people say “Why couldn’t he be like this during the campaign??” Some of my favorites include the following:

Q: Tell us your favorite joke.

A: On the advice of my attorney, my family and every member of my staff, I am no longer allowed to tell jokes.

Q: On what types of products do you never go cheap, for the sake of quality?

A: Ketchup.

Q: How often do you Google yourself?

A: When I was growing up, the priests taught us to think that was a sin.

Read on to see comments comparing himself to Blagojevich and his comments about Red Sox and Patriots as they pertain to his life.

Also, I know things have been quiet on the BostonRob front, I’ve been working on a new blog to launch that I’m hosting myself. It allows me to geek out a bit and do some customizations I’m not able to do on the free, yet limited account I have here. More to come soon.