21 January 2009

Well, kinda anyhow. Here's the video of Kanye's performance, definitely high-octane start. I was about ten rows back right in front of the center of his stage and the atmosphere was one of pure enjoyment and celebration. (Although one does have to question the choice of Kanye's mullet. Really, Kanye?)

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Here is the big man himself entering the ballroom. I especially found the "Yes We Can" cheer poignant, given all that has happened since the first time it was used, when I was at the post-NH primary rally back last January. Barack really gets the crowd going with that cheer at the end, MTV sound editors decided to not let us overpower his words, but let's just say it was loud.


And the "old school" dance. Man our President is cool. </p>


Also, Fall Out Boy has a member whose parents marched during the fight for civil rights. Definitely an interesting personal connection. Also they make fun of Bush at the beginning of this clip.


I have pictures to post, but I am getting lunch with some friends from Alaska and should get running. More to come, more to come!