08 January 2009

I say this because he just came to visit all the staff and volunteers at the Presidential Inaugural Committee to shake their hands and say thank you.  Totally unnecessary for him to do, but he did it anyhow.  As I look back on it, it has been 11 months since I met him last, on Super Tuesday (February 5th), a picture which you can see as my Facebook profile picture.

On the note of dates passing, it was a year ago today that the voters in New Hampshire went to the polls and destroyed my faith in primary polling data.  Barack won in Iowa, a big upset and polls showed him up by a fair amount going into the primary, which he ended up losing by a few points.  Having been sleep deprived for the week before the election I decided to avail myself of the corner of the gym where I got about 45 minutes of sleep before Barack took the stage to give his speech.  That night was the first time the Yes We Can cheer went up.  The great part about it is that that speech was 95% unchanged by the result of the election, really only a few sentences at the beginning were altered by the outcome.

If I get a picture of myself shaking hands with the President-elect, I’ll post it.

It is also a year since I was asleep in the corner of a gym in Nashua, NH waiting for him to get up and give his concession speech after losing the first primary, which he was favored to win after his big win in Iowa.