01 January 2009

Welcome, 2009.  I have but one resolution for this year, same one as last year: find myself a good job.  I was under a lot of pressure at this time last year, three of my roommates had jobs as of September, the other was accepted to Teach for America sometime in the fall, and I still had no clue how I would end up doing something that I cared about after graduation.  I certainly am glad that I waited though, and it was only about two or three weeks after graduation that I started with the Obama campaign, which I imagine will be a part of my life that I am proud of for years to come.

This leaves me with the question of how can I find the same fulfillment now?  Is the Obama administration the answer?  What about work on the Hill or with a political vendor or consulting group?  I first became interested in politics because I care about people, so I imagine I just need to find the best application of my abilities with the greatest impact.  I’m hoping to find that in DC when I move there on Sunday.  I will be couch surfing with friends for now until I get a job, then I get to start apartment hunting.