14 October 2008

To anyone who knows me, voter rights are very important to me.  It is the top reason that makes me think that I should go to law school.  The last time I had the urge to fight someone was when they told a volunteer they couldn't register voters where it was totally reasonable to do so.  This is why I have a register to vote widget on this blog.  This is why I was so angry when I heard about this clip, saying young people should not vote:

Luckily, my good friends at the Oregon Bus Project came to the rescue:

Many states have registration deadlines yet to pass.  If you know anyone who might not be registered at their current address, ask them.  There are many many ways to register, this blog being only one of them. I'll also plug voting early if that is an option in your state.  Nothing helps a campaign more than banking votes early, leaving the critical hours of election day available for talking to voters who are unsure about who to vote for, where their polling location is, or whether or not even to vote.  And for anyone who thinks his vote doesn't matter, I will refer that person to the 2006 state election in Alaska for a state representative seat that was decided by a coin toss.  Yes, I am dead serious: http://dwb.adn.com/news/politics/elections/story/8235205p-8132042c.html