09 September 2008

So I am a big fan of http://pandora.com which takes a song or artist that you like and plays music that sounds like it.  That is why today, when Apple introduced a whole new set of iPods and such, I was most intrigued by their new Genius feature of iTunes 8.  This genius feature allows you to take an artist or song from your library, hit the genius button, and have iTunes create a playlist of other music that sounds like it, except that it is all music that you own!

I created a Pandora channel for the band Guster, which has been one of the ones I listen to more, and so I tried the same out with my iTunes library to good effect.  I was listening to music in my cavernous 45gb iTunes library that I hadn’t heard in a while, but all the music fit my general musical mood.

Mind you, I know it exists mostly for iTunes to sell more music, with easy buttons to “Complete this album” for only ten dollars or “get this popular song also by this artist,” but honestly I can deal with the extra sales pitch for the benefit of snap playlist creation.

This has been your tech update of the evening.