25 July 2008

So yes, I am super cool and blogging for some wonderful, kickback, wild, Friday night fun. Some things from since I last posted.

- Yes, it is getting to almost no longer Friday into Saturday and I'm still working.
- If you are looking for me to comment on my race or talk about day to day stuff at work, its not gonna happen, just because I can't afford the connections of myself to the campaign I'm working on.  So if you see edited comments or a lack of substance about my work life, I'm sorry.  Send me an email if you have questions.  I'll email you back.
- The Dark Knight, the movie, not my car, is intense.  Way more so than I expected.  The Dark Knight, my car, will be going to a body shop soon to repair the damage caused by my coworker when I leant it out.  Also, not really what I expected.
- I got to go out one evening this week with friends of mine from school who are here in Alaska, which was an interesting combination of Alaska (grilled halibut+Alaskan ale) with things related to school (tutors, professors, buildings).  Seeing as I've been here not quite a month, this was basically the first time I've been able to spend time with people not related to my campaign.  They are great folks, but it was nice being able to see someone that I don't work with 100 hours a week.
- Yes, I work a lot.  Usually 9am-10pm M-F, 10-10 Sat, 12-9 Sun.  I had a friend be very surprised at how much I worked.  I also had a good friend just the other day call me and not know that I was in Alaska, which was a funny conversation.
- I got a new, small, portable camera!  My other camera is a big dSLR, and those of you who have spent basically any time with me in the last 10 months have seen me with it.  But it was a safety risk and I don't want to lose it, nor can I carry it with me every day, but my new camera I can, so hopefully I can put more pictures up in the coming weeks.
- I've added a few other blogs of friends on my blogroll.  Most are just friends of mine, also going away somewhere and trying to keep in touch with their networks by blogging.  You probably don't know them, but I wanted to give them a shoutout in an actual post.  Hi guys!
- As you can see, my posting will be rather sporadic, so I'm going to make another plug to subscribe via <a href="http://feeds.feedburner.com/BostonRob">RSS</a> or by <a href="http://www.feedburner.com/fb/a/emailverifySubmit?feedId=2066998&amp;loc=en_US">email</a>.  Trust me, its a lot easier than checking to see if I've posted again.

My work is basically done for the evening, so I think I will close up shop here too, but to everyone out in internet-land, thanks for reading.