04 June 2008

I feel that this makes an appropriate first posting, as it covers two of the major areas that this blog will be covering: politics and me. Last night, Senator Barack Obama gained enough delegates that he has a majority of those available in the Democratic primary process. This coincided with the beginning of the Harvard commencement activities, making yesterday a very good day.

For a procedural note, I want to post here as frequently as I can, yet I can imagine that there will be times when I do not post, so I highly highly encourage people to use an RSS reader to consume the content of this blog by clicking on the subscribe link to the right with the orange button. If you do not use RSS, click here to have posts delivered via email.

I do hope that I can use this as a forum to keep people updated on what it is that I am doing, so please go ahead and post comments here or email me, because if you are reading this, you likely have my email already. I may create a special email account for this blog so I can post it for those who might not have my email address, something to think about.